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The Beauty of African Cultures…

I have always admired the Himba culture of Namibia mainly because of its stark contradiction to the everyday life I’m used to. Even though I’m African myself (Cameroonian to be exact), my traditional culture is still very different from that of the Himba. I was mainly curious about their beauty practices; particularly how they maintain their hair and amazing skin and also their style of clothing (or lack thereof lol) Anyway in looking at more pictures of them, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful these women are and I have to admit I low-key want to take a trip to Namibia and have these women dress me up just like them…(Hmm one more thing added to my bucket list) Anyway see for yourselves!

There is just something ‘organic’ about their look and way of life.. 

Look at all that hair! Imagine if it was straightened? That would be about waist-length hair…Now who said Africans couldn’t grow long hair?

Close-up of the hair…I really want to try this!


I though this last one was particularly interesting because it clearly represents the overlap of culture. 

Honestly, I admire the fact that the Himba people have as much confidence and pride in their culture to stand up to ‘modernization’ for as long as they have. While some people may say “oh its just a matter of time before they’re all wearing jeans” well at least they held on for a while. Thumbs up to my Himba cousins!

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